Karthik Subramanyan

130 George st., Apt.102,
Chicago, IL - 60106
Phone no: 312-804-5167


  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering                           August 2002-August 2004
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Master of Science (Hons.) (Economics)                                August 1997-May 2002
    Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Chemical Engineering)         August 1997-May 2002
    Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.


Algorithms, Methods and Tools
Security and Sustainability
Energy and Environment
Manufacturing, Planning and Management
Materials and Molecular Modeling


Phase 1:
  • Process design, simulation and optimization of the highly efficient, near zero CO2 emission Integrated Gasification Combined cycle (IGCC) Steam Turbine/ Gas Turbine/ Fuel Cell Power Plant using the ASPEN Plus Simulation Tool.
  • Modeling of a dynamic hot-gas transport desulfurizer module in FORTRAN.
  • Development of cost model for the hybrid power plant and preparation of cost estimates.
  • Identification of objectives to be optimized and of decision variables to be used in the optimization through partial rank correlation coefficient (PRCC) sensitivity analysis.
  • Construction and implementation of the Multi-Objective Optimization framework to obtain optimal objectives.
  • Quantification and Characterization of uncertainties associated with different sources.
  • Propagation of the uncertainty through the Multi-Objective optimization framework.
  • Analysis and implementation of the "Value of Research" methodology.
  • Implementation of Stochastic simulation capability into GREET (Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation) model using Visual Basic macro in Excel (Project done for Argonne National Labs).

Phase 2:
  • Process design and simulation of Reversible Fuel Cell power system.
  • Dynamic simulation of Solid oxide fuel cell, water electrolyzer and hydrogen storage using Aspen Custom Modeler software.
  • Development of cost model for the hybrid power plant and preparation of cost estimates.
  • Propagation of the uncertainty through the Multi-Objective optimization framework to obtain the stochastic objectives.


  • Paper Published in the Journal of Power Sources Titled "Multi-Objective Optimization for Hybrid Fuel Cells Power System under Uncertainty", Volume 132, Issues 1-2, 20 May 2004, Pages 99-112.
  • Paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Power Sources Titled "Characterization and Quantification of uncertainty in solid oxide fuel cell hybrid power plants".
  • Paper submitted for publication in the Industrial Engineering & Chemistry Research Titled "The 'Value of Research' methodology and hybrid power plant design".
  • Paper titled "The 'Value of research' Methodology and the quantification and characterization of uncertainty" presented in INFORMS Annual Conference held in Denver, Colorado.
  • Paper titled "Multi-objective optimization under uncertainties of hybrid fuel cell power plants" presented in AIChe spring Meeting held in New Orleans, LA.
  • Paper titled "Reducing uncertainties of hybrid fuel cell power plants through better models" presented in the INFORMS conference held at Northwestern University.
  • Paper titled "Effect of uncertainties on Multi-objective designs of hybrid fuel cells power system" presented in the AIChe Annual Meeting held in San Francisco, CA.
  • Poster titled "Fuel Cell Design: multi-objective optimization under uncertainty" presented in the Institute for Environmental Science Policy (IESP) conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Paper titled "The 'Value of Research' methodology and hybrid power plant design" accepted for publication in the Industrial Engineering Research Chemistry journal.
  • Paper titled "Use of wavelet transforms in de-noising data" Presented in the All-India young engineers meet held at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.


  • R & D Engineer, Center for Uncertain Systems:Tools for Optimization and Management (CUSTOM), UIC

    August 2002 - till date

    Process Design, dynamic modeling, optimization and development of cost models under uncertainty of hybrid fuel cell power plants and later zero emission fuel cell / steam turbine / gas turbine power plants and also worked as the network administrator for the CUSTOM computer lab.

  • Process Analysis Specialist, Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.

    August 2001 - December 2001

    Detailed analysis of the viability of a petrochemical process design in a Government-owned factory in the state of Karnataka, India based on: Feasibility, Economics & Finance, Safety & Risk and Environmental standards. My recommendations were well appreciated and based on them, the project was approved.

  • Summer Intern, Solidaire India Ltd., India

    May 1999 - August 1999

    Assisted in the design of the 5 check cycle process for the manufacture of of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and was in-charge of the optimization of the movement of a surface mounting device used to load components like transistors, chips etc. on printed circuit boards. This project helped me learn the basics of process design and optimization.

  • Thesis: Data Reconciliation Using Wavelet Transform

    Investigation into the use of wavelet transform in de-noising of data used for analysis from a chemical process and development of a software tool in 'C' to demonstrate the efficiency of wavelet transform for this purpose.

  • Risk Assessment of Petrochemical Facilities:

    HazOp study (investigating how a plant might deviate from design intent) of various risks involved in petrochemical facilities, study of various risk analysis tools and recommendation of solutions to minimize these risks.

  • Investigation into Chemical Vapor Deposition:

    Study of the process of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), thin film growth on substrates and the types of reactors involved and a detailed investigation into the process of deposition of silicon onto substrates through CVD.


  • Simulation tools: ASPEN Engineering Suite, Crystal ball TSUPREM-4 (simulation of micro-electronic processes)
  • Operating Systems: Windows 9x/NT/XP, MS-DOS
  • Programming Languages: FORTRAN, C, Visual Basic.NET
  • Typesetting: Latex, MS Word
  • Mathematical Software: MATLAB, GAMS, MathCAD, MAPLE
  • Other: MS PowerPoint, Excel, Pro2001 (Financial Software)


Chemical Courses:
  • Fluid Phase Equilibria
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Separation Systems
  • Fundamentals and design of microelectronics processing

Computer Courses:
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Visual Age for Java

Math Courses:
  • Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering
  • Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations


  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).
  • Center for Uncertain Systems: Tools for Optimization and Management (CUSTOM).


  • Recipient of merit based tuition and fee waiver for the full term of graduate study.
  • Winner of merit scholarship for four years of the undergraduate education.
  • Sergeant Officer in National Cadet Corps, Army Wing, INDIA, (1994-95). A cadet is chosen as a 'Sergeant officer' by the Sub Lieutenant In-Charge based on the merit of execution and delegation of order.