Institute Profile


The institute is involved in research and development in areas of mathematical modeling, optimization, uncertainty and risk analysis of large scale industrial, ecological, energy, security, and management systems.


Our Mission


Robust decision making under uncertainty is of fundamental importance to numerous disciplines and application areas. For many practical issues, decision making often involves multiple, often conflicting, goals and poses challenging optimization problems. Recent innovations underlying multiple objective optimization, in the characterization, quantification, and subsequently reduction of uncertainties, and in the ability to develop and apply these methods outside the traditional application domains greatly enhances their utility and promise. The main focus of this new non-profit, tax exempt institute is to develop systematic methods, algorithms, and approaches for rapid, reliable, and robust multiple objective optimal decision making under uncertainty and to successfully apply these methods to diverse application areas. This new institute harnesses multidisciplinary expertise in the areas of modeling, optimization, uncertainty analysis, manufacturing, process design and control, environmental and ecosystem management, security systems analysis, and operation research. The discipline independent nature of the institute allows us to collaboratively address research challenges in various fields.




The Institute interacts extensively with various universities, industries and national laboratories in United States and abroad. The program focus is interdisciplinary and researchers (and students) address problems related to respective disciplines. Institute researchers maintain strong ties via co-operative research with industry, government, and academia. There are several mechanisms for outside organizations and agencies to initiate collaborative activities with the institute including membership programs.